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Orion Chorale of Washington State has been together since 2007, and we dedicate our time, talents and skills to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by sharing our gift of music with anyone who will listen. All that we do, we do to the glory of God.
Our main focus musically is on the African-American spirituals with music from arrangers like Moses Hogan, Roland Carter, Jester Hariston, Undine Moore, and others. Orion Chorale of Washington State is a non-profit Christian singing ministry. Its goals are based on faith and trust in God that Jesus is soon to return. We encourage people to turn their hearts to Him. Through the songs that we present, we share with others how to understand and appreciate the history, heritage, and experience of African-Americans through spirituals and anthems.

We seek to preserve and illustrate a unique portion of African-American culture and religious music, specifically known as "Negro Spirituals". By presenting this music to the community, nationally and internationally, and to the young people of the 21st century, they will gain an appreciation for the spirit of the music that will go on for generations.

If you would like to listen to the music that we bring, you are encouraged to purchase a copy of our CD located on our "Calendar” page. Wherever you live in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, if you would like us to render music at your church or event, please feel free to contact the director at conniebarrow@comcast.net.

Listen to the unique style and sound of spirituals and anthems from renowned composers performed a capella by a group of 16 talented members from several different churches in the Greater Seattle area and be amazed, enlightened and inspired by God's word shared through music.
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We are in the process of doing our second recording. We need your financial help. Your donation would be appreciated and is tax deductible. Please click on the "Donate" button below to donate. Thank you 
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Orion Chorale of Washington State is recruiting singers for all sections. We are an acapella Christian music ministry and our repertoire consists of spirituals, anthems, and hymns. Your character must portray a Christian lifestyle on a daily basis. All singers must be able to memorize their part and hold their pitch. If you are an experienced singer who would like to become part of this exciting music ministry please contact Mrs. Connie Barrow

In order to audition for this chorale please call or email 


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